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Current time estimate for new product orders is 10 weeks. For more information on delivery estimates please contact us.


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Before ordering any custom gun belts or holsters please read our important product sizing information!


Complete Gun List

Not sure if your holster will fit your gun? Check the gun list of gun models that Frontier Gunleather serves.


The following images show what we can do when asked for “Something Special”.  If you don’t see what you want on our website, give us a call and let us know.  We’d love for you to see what we can do with leather.

High Quality Leather Sourcing

A craftsman is only as good as the tools and supplies he uses. The master craftsman of Frontier Gunleather have relied on the Wickett & Craig leather suppliers for years. The leather they provide is the absolute best and helps Frontier Gunleather create the most memorably and reliable products in the industry. Take a moment and watch the videos below to learn more about our distinguished leather suppliers, Wickett & Craig.

Wickett & Craig | Superior Leather
Wickett & Craig | Leather With Soul
Wickett & Craig | Crafting A Reputation

Wickett & Craig | Conditioned To Last


NEW - 2023 Fall Catalog

Our latest product catalog is now available for download and viewing! Click on the image link below to view our latest 2023 Product Catalog from Frontier Gunleather. See some of our exciting new products as well as updates to old favorites. We'd like to hear your feedback - tell us what you think!

Contact us 760-895-4401,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join us on Facebook.

Click here to view the 2023 Fall Product Catalog PDF

Fall 2023 catalog


Frontier Gunleather's New Owner

matt whitaker ownerFrontier Gunleather has been acquired by Matt Whitaker, the long-time general manager and Master Craftsman for John Bianchi, who personally chose Matt to carry on the legacy of Frontier Gunleather.  Building upon a rich heritage, the handcrafted products continue to be a true art form, representing an investment in tomorrow's antiquities.


Handcrafted the old-fashioned way, one-at-a-time by our master craftsmen, Frontier Gunleather, continues a revival of the turn-of-the-century styles and craftsmanship. From personal defense holsters to Old-West styles, Frontier Gunleather has the experience and skills to cater to a diverse range of firearm enthusiasts. There is scarcely a holster produced today that does not show the Bianchi design influence. These concepts, deeply influenced by the vision of John Bianchi, have profoundly shaped the way millions of shooters think about guns and holsters.


Matt Whitaker, with years of experience as the general manager and a dedicated craftsman, has earned the trust and respect of the gunleather community. In acquiring Frontier Gunleather, he upholds the legacy of John Bianchi, one of the oldest and most trusted names in the "Gunleather" industry. With a 60-year-old worldwide reputation for premier quality, John Bianchi's influence on Frontier Gunleather will forever be visible in the design and quality of each item.  You will continue to receive the highest standard products in Gunleather.


At Frontier Gunleather, we believe that the fit and finish of your holster should be as important as the fit and finish of your firearm. Our continuing commitment to excellence, pride, and quality remains our guiding principle. With each product we make, we continue to uphold our reputation as the best in the business, with a dedication to craftsmanship that is built into every piece.


Unlike production holsters that are made to accommodate a variety of handguns within a size range, our holsters are made to fit your specific handgun. (check our online gunlist to determine if we can craft a holster for your handgun.) Simply determine which of our many holster designs will fit the carry method that you desire, and we will make the holster for your specific firearm.